Model S1

Product Specifications


Dispense Mechanism

Thermal inkjet based, non-contact dispense method using a disposable cartridge.

Individual Drop Resolution

Typical single drop resolution is 5pL - 100pL depending on the type of ejector chip and the fluid.


12 point 6 order of magnitude titration in 30 seconds.

1uL total volume 384 well-plate assay in 3 minutes.

1000, 10nL spots in 1 minute.

Coefficient of Variance (CV)

Typical CV of <5% at volumes >10nL.

Dead volume

< 1uL


System run by wiondows PC or in specific cases by smartphone or mobile devices in Wi-Fi direct mode.

System size / weight

8” x 8” x 6” / 7lb (5kg) - smallest footprint for an automated liquid handling system.

Substrate Types

Glass slides, well plates, (96, 384, and user specified), plastic, paper, and metals.


Cartridge Types (3 fluid/4 fluid) and filling

Pre-filled cartridge option (up to 7mL fill volume)

Pipette cartridge option - fluid is pipetted into the cartridge before spotting


Pipette cartridge volumes (min and max)

50uL to 1mL, suitable for handling samples or other expensive assay components.

Power and connectivity requirements

Standard AC 115V; USB PC; 2.4GHz wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11g/n

Environmental Control

System operates under ambient conditions;

The system can be put in a humidity controlled chamber or in a fume hood.