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Funai Microfluidics

Our Goal

At Funai Microfluidics, we strive to make digital micro-fluidics mainstream through the precision and accuracy of pico-liter droplets. We apply low-cost, scalable, silicon CMOS micro-fluidics technologies and commercialize through high volume production systems and supply chains. In partnerships with you we aim to address the growing global need for miniaturization, automation, precision and personalization in the healthcare and consumer sectors.

About Funai

LCD TVs, DVDs, Blu-rays, thermal inkjet modules, digital micro-fluidics dispensers, and electric vehicle modules. Funai distributes and markets a vast array of products under multiple brand names with distribution throughout the world. Funai’s inkjet micro-fluidic technology based commercial and consumer devices have been applied to smart home, skin care, and health care through partnerships with global brands.

Funai’s life sciences and healthcare segment is focused on creating fully integrated inkjet micro-fluidics precision dispense solutions for enhancing the work flow productivity, precision and affordability of Life sciences research, diagnostics and digital delivery of therapeutics. Through automation of pico-liter digital droplet technology and integrated inertial micro-fluidics, Funai’s solution aspire to radically miniaturize assays and sample volumes while improving the reliability of experiments and reducing the overall costs of experimental data.

Funai silicon inkjet micro-fluidics systems are designed to precisely handle variety of fluids in the pico-to micro liter scale addressing a wide variety research needs spanning drug discovery, genomics, in-vitro diagnostics, point-of care diagnostics, cell printing, synthetic biology and personalized medicine.

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