Low-cost ManufacturING​

Integrated microfluidic Modules

CMOS MiCrofluidic Module Design
and System Integration

​Microfluidic Technology

Delivering pico-liter liquids with great precision, control, and efficiency.

Pico pumping


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A unique combination of expertise in microfluidics, chemistry, materials and integrated circuit design allows Funai to engineer a total solution (design, integration, manufacturing, distribution and service) for a wide variety of applications spanning the industrial, commercial and consumer space:

pico dispensing

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Funai Electric Headquarter: Osaka, Japan.

Funai Lexington Technology Corp (FLTC)

Lexington, Kentucky, USA (Funai’s primary facility for microlfuidic R&D) 

Funai Electric Cebu, Inc: Cebu, Philippine

(Funai’s Microfluidic Manufacturing Facility)

Pico Dispensing

•  Lab-on-Chip
•  Point-of-Care
•  Wafer Level Flow Feature Process

Microfluidic Facilities

Funai Electric has a 50 year history of providing quality, cost effective electronics to some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

In 2012, Funai Electric acquired the inkjet manufacturing and micro-fluidics technology from Lexmark International in 2012. The technology itself is rooted in early micro-fluidics work at IBM which was further developed at Lexmark over a 20 year period.

•  GMP Certified Facility
•  From prototype to
   mass production

FUNAI LEXINGTON TECHNOLOGY CORP (FLTC)           772 NEWTOWN PIKE, LEXINGTON, KY 40511          (859) 550-2070        microfluidics@funaicorp.com

•  Bio Dispensing
•  Cell Printing
•  Electronic Printing